Episode 92 – The Satanic Panic

Episode 98 – The Woolworths Christmas Bombings
April 26, 2020
Episode 99 – The Nullarbor Plains
April 26, 2020

As the 1980s ramped up, the search for the Satanic and the future of the world’s children was brought to the foreground. While technological innovations like the Walkman and other personal technologies allowed children and teens to like things their parents weren’t into – sometimes just BECAUSE their parents weren’t into them – parents, church leaders and concerned citizens turned to the most rational explanation of this behaviour: The Devil.

While Australia does not have the same puritanical past as the US, Satanic Panic hit here too, just as the 80s were evolving into the 90s. Join Holly and Matthew as they examine the cases that made Australian’s panic, and why we were so easily led.

Main Theme music – Kevin MacLeod
“Slow Ticking Clock” – Kevin MacLeod
Used under a Creative Commons license.

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