Episode 26 – Australian Outlaws: The Legend of the Kelly Gang Part 1 (1869-1880)

Episode 25 – The Haunting of Picton Tunnel
November 26, 2018
Episode 27 – Australian Outlaws: The Legend of the Kelly Gang Part 2 (1869-1880)
December 9, 2018

Ned Kelly is a figure that divides the views of a lot of Australians. Was he a villain, killing cops left and right for some perceived vendetta against his family? Was he a hero, standing up for the downtrodden every-man of the last 1800s? Or has his legend taken over, wiping the slate clean and leaving only his final, police-defying last stand at Glenrowan, VIC, to grace the pages of our collective history?

How much do you really know about Ned Kelly? Join Holly and Matthew as they look over the Kelly Gang’s story, and examine every factor in their legend. Were they Heroes or Villains? Listen to the whole story, and make up your mind…

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  1. Thanks guys for an entertaining podcast, and for the most part a reasonably accurate one. Good work Holly – its a confusing and tangled web!

    A couple of points I would like to make in response ; FIRST – Red Kelly and the meat – theres no serious doubt that he killed his neighbours calf, cut the brand out of the hide and tried to destroy the evidence, and that he lied to the police about it. He could have been charged with the serious offence of stock theft but in the end he was sentenced to six months for being ‘illegally in possession’ of a cow hide. He was released after four months – so the Justice system in operation here, both in relation to the charge eventually laid and the time actually served demonstrate. something not consistent with the Kelly claims of persecution. They could have thrown the book at him, they could have kept him inside for longer – they didnt! Food for thought?

    Second, regarding the Fitzpatrick incident, there is ZERO evidence of Fitzpatrick being a drunk either before or during the ‘incident’ . ZERO evidence! Its part of the vilification of Fitzpatrick thats necessary to sustain their version of events Exactly what happened at that incident is unclear because the various Kelly supporter accounts vary wildly, are often contradictory, and include innumerable demonstrable lies – as you noted in relation to Ned claiming he was 100’s of miles away – whereas Fitzpatricks accounts are all consistent. Then, as now, a warrant for arrest needs to exist but it does NOT have to be shown or presented to the suspect at the time of arrest – and one DID exist, so Fitzpatricks intention to arrest Dan Kelly was entirely legitimate. He went there with the full approval of his senior. He was NOT dismissed for “drunkenness and perjury”He was NEVER charged let alone convicted of anything related to drink or to perjury.

    The Kelly apologists and defenders endlessly misconstrue, misrepresent and distort Kelly history to suit their otherwise unsupportable narrative that the Kellys were persecuted and that Ned Kelly was a hero. Its all fake history as you seem to have noticed already, at many places.

    Lastly before you do another podcast I suggest you read Ned Kelly and the myth of the Republic of North East Victoria by Stuart Dawson. Its a free book and an excellent very detailed thoroughly devastating critique of that entire claim. You can.eaily find it by googling the name and author.

    Looking forward to your next Podcast>

  2. Nichael says:

    You see to know what ur talking about. Can you fill us in on the words “such is life” Were these really his last words?

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