Episode 24 – Australian Outlaws Part 5: The Female Bushrangers (1861-1936)

Episode 23 – Australian Outlaws Part 4: Captain Moonlight/Moonlite (1842-1879)
November 12, 2018
Episode 25 – The Haunting of Picton Tunnel
November 26, 2018

Well, a challenge was issued, and had to be answered. After a bit of research, Holly managed to find two female ‘bushrangers’, presented here for your delight and amusement. Both rustled cattle, one enjoyed the company of more than a couple of men – one a bushranger in his own right – and both were arrested more than once for their craft.

Who are these society-snubbing ladies who took up the male-dominated art of bushranging? Listen in and find out…


Since settlement in 1788, the bushrangers of Australia have long been a part of our collective history – dashing young men that rob from the rich to feed both themselves and their families, and who openly defy the law in a larikin kind of way.

But there is much more to Australia’s bushranger past than even Australians realise. Join Holly and Matthew as they explore some of the most … outstanding examples of bushranger kind, both on the mainland, and in Tassie. Part 5 of 8.

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  1. Brett Harvey says:

    The bugg name is in my family and I have links to her. I love your podcasts but I think you need to educate yourselves on the original keepers of this great land. Try reading Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu. You guys have alluded that colonists have raided aboriginal settlements yet haven’t actually acknowledged that aborigines had villages and agriculture and aquaculture.

    • Matthew Soall says:

      Hi Brett,
      Glad your enjoying the podcast and it’s interesting that you have Bugg family heritage, do you have any family story’s? We are planning on doing more Aboriginal centric episodes including an episode on the Dreamtime, the Myall Creek massacre and the stolen generation. Our mandate is to cover the Weird, macabre and paranormal. If it comes up organically we will absolutely cover more aspects of Aboriginal society and innovations. We will put “Dark Emu” on our reading list. Thanks for the feedback and I am glad your enjoying our work.

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