Episode 23 – Australian Outlaws Part 4: Captain Moonlight/Moonlite (1842-1879)

Episode 22 – Australian Outlaws Part 3: The Bathurst Rebellion (1830)
November 5, 2018
Episode 24 – Australian Outlaws Part 5: The Female Bushrangers (1861-1936)
November 19, 2018

In May 1869, a priest was hauled before the court, accused of robbing a bank. Andrew Scott – Captain Moonlight to his friends-in-arms – denied the accusations, even when a note was waved in front of him.

I hereby certify that L.W. Bruun has done everything within his power to withstand this intrusion and the taking of money which was done with firearms.
Captain Moonlite, Sworn.

Affronted at the inappropriate use of his nickname, Scott pointed the police towards two suspects, including the man named in the note.

As the police closed in on them, Captain Moonlight took his chance and bolted for Sydney…


Since settlement in 1788, the bushrangers of Australia have long been a part of our collective history – dashing young men that rob from the rich to feed both themselves and their families, and who openly defy the law in a larikin kind of way.

But there is much more to Australia’s bushranger past than even Australians realise. Join Holly and Matthew as they explore 5 of the most … outstanding examples of bushranger kind, both on the mainland, and in Tassie. Part 4 of 8.

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