Episode 11 – The True Stories of Wolf Creek Part 5: The Truth Behind the Title Cards

Episode 10 – The True Stories of Wolf Creek Part 4: The Kimberly Killer
August 13, 2018
Episode 12 – The Kickboxing Kangaroo
August 27, 2018

30,000 people are reported missing in Australia every year.
90% are found within a month.
Some are never seen again.

The title cards of the Wolf Creek film are terrifying in their portrayal of missing people in Australia paint a grim portrait of our country. But is that portrait true? Join Holly and Matthew as they go over the stats of the title cards, and decipher something both scary and true…

Join Matthew and Holly as they talk about one of Australia’s most famous horror flicks, Wolf Creek, and the true crimes that inspired it. Part 5 of 5.

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