Australian Pop Culture

Episode 53: History at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock has become so much a part of Australian lore that few people realise it was a book before it was a movie. Claiming the book was based on a dream, the author has summarily refused to confirm or deny that the events within were based on true events.

So hang on to your headphones, because Holly and Matthew are on the case!


Episode 75: Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

In the late 1960s, television was starting to take off in Australia. On the airwaves were shows displaying the landscape of the United States and United Kingdom, albeit in black and white.

A handful of hopefuls looked at those shows, then at the Australian bush, and realised, “We can do that.”

Since 1967, Skippy has spread her adventures around the world in brilliant colour, helping to bring tourism to Australia, and pride to the population.


Episode 91: Australian Cinema: Saw

Australians are great for claiming ownership of things that aren’t ours – Russell Crowe, Crowded House, etc. – usually at the expense of New Zealand. However, in this episode, we look into the horror franchise that, by all rights, should have been an Australian creation, and the problems that chased it from our shores.



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