Why We Should Be Taking the Internet Far Less Seriously

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February 13, 2016
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By Matthew Soall

It seems that every minute of the day, there is new controversy being reported by the media pundits. Evil Feminists, crazy ultra-chauvinists and religious nonsense are all part and parcel of the 24-hour news cycle. But is it worth worrying about?

The simple answer is a plain and simple, “No, it really isn’t.” For one, the world is the safest it’s ever been in history. This great little graph shows you in no uncertain terms that the state of the world is getting better.


Sure, we have guys like Isis running around but compare that group to the Nazi regime. The reason you feel so scared of ISIS is the constant barrage of news being levelled at you on a day-to-day basis. If Twitter and Facebook existed during World War II, the average person would have seen a Nazi news story in their feed every few minutes. The 24-hour news cycle would inundate them with so much news their eyes would melt from overexposure.

Now, I am not saying that the tragedies that occur today are any less significant to those back then, because they’re on a smaller scale to the horrors that humankind has endured in the past. But I am saying they happen less frequently. It just feels like it happens more often because we know about the horrors occurring in the world as soon as they happen, when 70 years ago, we didn’t have the world access we do now. “Ignorance is bliss,” as some might say.

To compound the problem, how many controversies have overshadowed those tragedies? Recently, Roosh Valizadeh—a pathetic human stain—attempted a gathering of his followers in cities around the world. But guess what? Nothing happened. We helped build his public profile, but that’s about it.

On the same day, 25,000 acres of forest in Tasmania burned to the ground. Some of those trees where so old that their genetic legacy went back to the time of Gondwana, hundreds of millions of years ago. But no one cared, because they were more concerned with publicising Roosh, intentionally or not.

Gamergate, ultra-chauvinists, Social Justice Warriors and their counter parts (Social Evil Warriors?) are distracting us from the real threats that we face. Recently, a friend of mine, whom I respect, was riled up by the SJW movement.

He complained about the “Oscars so white” movement, despite never having cared about the Oscars before.  He’s trying to get to the bottom of gamergate, and is actively posting on Facebook about the evilest SJW’s the internet can find.

But why? Is it because he hates social change? Does he not believe everyone should be treated equally?

The answer is actually pretty simple. My friend would never harm another person nor deny the same rights or privileges that he had. But he has been so inundated with SJW crap that he now sees them as his mortal enemies. They’re censoring the world, destroying what he loves, trying to take away his rights. In reality of course, they’re not; they couldn’t care less about him. The celebrity SJW’s are just pushing their own agenda, and my friend is helping them by creating awareness and feeding into the controversy.

Every time someone posts a YouTube video they need you to click on it. It generates money for the YouTuber. So it make sense for a YouTuber to be as controversial as possible, because even the detractors will still view their channels to fuel their arguments.

To help this process along, you have our good friends at the media leading you by the nose into the next controversy.

A recent article about the Telstra (Australian Internet Service Provider) outage got a lot of press. Why? Because a Telstra staffer made a joke on Twitter about it. What was not reported on that day was the dozens of children being sent back to detention camps on Nauru or Tony Abbot MLP speaking with a foreign hate group concerning his anti-gay marriage and abortion views.  Telstra was more important, because the media outlets knew it would get people riled up. Australians have a less-than-loving view of refugees, and we don’t really care what our politicians get up to. But Heaven help you if our access to porn and YouTube is cut off. And if it is, you damn well better not make a joke about it.

My friend is not an isolated case, he is one of many being sucked in by a microcosm of bullshit. Arguments on the internet are not indicative of the entire world, or its people. But every time we engage in controversy, we lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s human nature to take on the easier fight, so it makes sense why we engage in petty shit.

But there are much bigger problems to deal with, and those problems are not hundreds of years away. They will be occurring in our lifetime. So maybe it’s time to let the trolls and SJW’s disappear into obscurity. I’ll let the advice of Paul Anka and Lisa Simpson take it from here.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlKao_Pox5A]

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