Paranormal Curiosities

Episode 2: The Vanishing Pilot

In 1978, Frederick Valentich went for a routine flight across Bass Strait. Shortly after 7 pm, Frederick reported seeing an unknown object ‘playing’ with him as he flew over the water. At 7:12 pm, the transmission cut out half-way through, and Frederick was never seen again. Was this the work of aliens, or something far more strange?


Episode 3: Bunyips and Yowies

There are a lot of creatures that go bump in the night on this continent, but none are more scary or mysterious than the bunyip and the yowie. Creatures of the Dreamtime that have become sentient in the minds of modern people, do they actually exist, or are eye witnesses hallucinating the same srange-looking creatures?


Episode 13: Pine Gap Listening Post

There’s more than just kangaroos and serial killers out there in the Australian outback: there’s also a (not-so-) secret base in the hills, where UFOs are regularly sighted and everyone who works there is a gardener…


Episode 14: Pilliga Forest

In central-north New South Wales, there exists a small patch of land covered in bush and trees, a small but well-travelled road cutting through the middle of it. Living amongst those trees are creatures of the Australian mythos so disturbing that even truckies dare not stop at night. Do you dare listen?


Episode 19: The Ghost Lights of Australia

Aboriginal legend says the min min are spirits come to earth to scare children. European legend says that those who catch the min min light never return to tell the tale. Min min lights are a natural phenomenon that occur all over Australia, most often in the shoulder of the Queensland/South Australia border. Seen on plains, hills, coasts and rivers, in calm weather and stormy, this phenomenon can be seen year-round. They’ve also multiplied exponentially since the appearance of white man on Australian shores. But what are they? We may never know…


Episode 25: The Haunting of Picton Tunnel

Nestled in the South-West of Sydney, NSW, lies a small town called Picton. Picton has long been in the running for the Most Haunted Town in Australia, with ghosts seen all over the place. This episode, however, we’re focusing on only one part of the hauntings: The Redbank Tunnel. Suicide, murder, rape, accidents, assaults, the list goes on…


Episode 30: The Hawkesbury River Monster

In 1924, a strange headline appeared in the Brisbane telegraph, detailing a monster in the Hawkesbury River, sporting a square-looking fish tail. Since then, stories of the Hawkesbury River Monster have permeated pop culture, with stories of capsized or beached vessels, and missing fishermen…


Episode 31: The Westall Incident

In April 1966, more than 300 people witnessed an unidentified flying craft buzzing over their heads. Contrary to most UFO sightings, this happened at 11am, over a built-up area, and involved multiple witnesses. So what really happened?


Episode 40: The Bass Strait Triangle

Over the years, many people, planes and boats have vanished into the waters of Bass Strait, some found, some never seen again. Fred Valentich (Episode 2) was only one of many…

Join Holly and Matthew as they visit some notable cases, including the S.S. Federal in 1901, the Miss Hobart in 1934, and the Charleston in 1979.


Episode 42: Kalkajaka

In Queensland lies a mountain of black granite said by native people and locals alike to be haunted by demons, ghosts and restless spirits. It warms in the sun, reeks of sulfuric air, and carries the weight of many dead things…

Welcome to Kalkajaka, known also as the Point of the Spear or Black Mountain, where lizard men are said to roam…


Episode 47: The Aliens of the Dandenong Ranges

In 1909, a Reverend sitting on his porch late one night in August spotted a pair of floating lights dancing over the nearby Dandenong Ranges, just to the east of Melbourne.

84 years later, almost to the day, Kelly Cahill, her husband Andrew, and four other people witnessed an aerial display that ended in lost time, stomach pains and vague memories.

Did aliens return to Australian shores in 1993 to experiment on these unlucky people? Just what happened to the Cahills and their fellow witnesses? Join Holly and Matthew as they go over the case, its details, and the possible explanations.


Episode 48: The Gundiah-Mackay Incident

In 1979, on an early June evening, a family and a group of school children attended Sydney’s Luna Park, seeking to enjoy the fun atmosphere of a Saturday night after exploring the city.

From that night grew a legend of demons, child sacrifice and a haunted theme park. Join Holly and Matthew as they examine the history and legends surrounding the Luna Park Ghost Train Fire.


Episode 52: The Babinda Boulders

Hidden in the rain forests of northern Queensland lays a pool of water that is calm, flat and inviting.

Below the surface is a churning pool ready to drag you down, haunted by the ghosts of victims past sand present…

Welcome to Babinda Boulders, housing such landmarks as The Devil’s Pool and the Washing Machine.

With a reported 17 victims between 1959 and 2008, almost all male, this pool is beautiful to behold, and terrifying to swim in…


Episode 56: The Gosford Glyphs

Buried deep in the bush just north of Sydney lay two long lines of carvings, out of character with the surrounding environment. For 50 years, their origin has been the subject of wonder, intrigue and mystery. Who created the Gosford Glyphs, and why are they here?


Episode 58: The Wailing at Wilga Waterhole

In the north of Queensland, there is a body of water haunted by a pack of demons. When they rise, during the early hours of the morning, their cries are loud enough to break eardrums. Join Holly and Matthew as they examine the Wilga Waterhole, and the recorded encounters with the Wailer…


Episode 61: Old Melbourne Gaol Part 1

Episode 62: Old Melbourne Gaol Part 2

In the centre of Melbourne, Vic, lies a large bluestone building complex out of time with its surrounds. Some people know the place as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), whole others know it as Old Melbourne Gaol Museum. The site’s history is almost as complex as its zoning laws, stretching all the way back to the colony’s first 50 years.

Join Holly and Matthew as they look into the criminals, executions, ghosts and stories that make up the Old Melbourne Gaol complex – and learn why we spell it that way.


Episode 79: The Pebble Cult Part 1

Episode 80: The Pebble Cult Part 2

Episode 82: The Pebble Cult Part 3

Episode 83: The Pebble Cult Part 4

Episode 84: The Pebble Cult Part 5

In the 1980s, a small gathering of believers settled on a small farm just outside Nowra, NSW. This small group was led by a man called William Kamm, a devout Catholic boy who didn’t like the direction the church was taking. So he gathered some like-minded people, explained the visions he was having, and they decided that it would be best to gather in their own place at their own times, for worship. Kamm was a benevolent leader, loved by all, and confirmed as successor to the papacy by Pope John Paul II himself.

That’s how Kamm would like it to be known. In reality, the Order of St Charbel was a hotbed of abuse and pedophilia, culminating in the arrest of Kamm in the early 2000s. Join Holly and Matthew on this multi-part series examining the cult, their practices and their preacher.


Episode 85: The Tully UFO Nest Incident

In January of 1966, a banana farmer in Tully, QLD was tending his farm when he saw something strange in the air above his neigjblur’s farm. He dismissed it for a bit, but in the end, he and the neighbour walked down the investigate. What they saw there would rival the Westall Incident 3 months later, but never received the recognition it deserved. Join Holly and Matthew as they investigate the Tully UFO nests.


Episode 86: The Legend of Fisher’s Ghost Part 1

Episode 87: The Legend of Fisher’s Ghost Part 2

In the 1820s, when the Australian colony was only a blip on the timeline of the British Empire, a single convict vanished from the settlement of Campbell Town, in the south-west of Sydney. Shortly after, his neighbour began selling the man’s wares, claiming the convict gave them to him.

A few weeks later, a man on his way home saw a ghastly sight, of the convict sitting on a bridge rail. After a few seconds, the ghostly man pointed down the creek and vanished.

And so began the legend of Fisher’s Ghost, arguably one of Australia’s first and most enduring ghost stories…


Episode 99: The Nullarbor Plains

In the south-west of this continent lies a stretch of land like no other. Made of limestone formed during the Age of Dinosaurs, the Nullarbor Plains attracts all kinds of strange phenomena, from ufo sightings to a magnetic field measurable by science and strong enough to attract meteorites. Join Holly and Matthew as they look into the strange occurrences on the Nullarbor…


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