Episode 58 – The Wailing at Wilga Waterhole

Episode 57 – Katherine Knight
July 8, 2019
Episode 59 – The Crystal Highway Murders Part 1
July 22, 2019

In the north of Queensland, there is a body of water haunted by a pack of demons. When they rise, during the early hours of the morning, their cries are loud enough to break eardrums. Join Holly and Matthew as they examine the Wilga Waterhole, and the recorded encounters with the Wailer…

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  1. Shayla Black says:

    I think I have a theory about what is wailing at the water. We have a lot if pig farms back home in the midwest so everyone grows up being told to leave the pigs the fuck alone so they won’t eat you. Pigs are very prone to cannibalism, and according to my grandpa, it’s because they all have a blood lust. Pigs also shriek when they’re in distress. Theirs screams are awful and travel really far. The screams of pigs have actually been known to rupture ear drums. So I there is the possibility that it’s the wild pigs eating each other.

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