Episode 24 – Australian Outlaws Part 5: The Female Bushrangers (1861-1936)

Episode 23 – Australian Outlaws Part 4: Captain Moonlight/Moonlite (1842-1879)
November 12, 2018
Episode 25 – The Haunting of Picton Tunnel
November 26, 2018

Well, a challenge was issued, and had to be answered. After a bit of research, Holly managed to find two female ‘bushrangers’, presented here for your delight and amusement. Both rustled cattle, one enjoyed the company of more than a couple of men – one a bushranger in his own right – and both were arrested more than once for their craft.

Who are these society-snubbing ladies who took up the male-dominated art of bushranging? Listen in and find out…


Since settlement in 1788, the bushrangers of Australia have long been a part of our collective history – dashing young men that rob from the rich to feed both themselves and their families, and who openly defy the law in a larikin kind of way.

But there is much more to Australia’s bushranger past than even Australians realise. Join Holly and Matthew as they explore some of the most … outstanding examples of bushranger kind, both on the mainland, and in Tassie. Part 5 of 8.

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