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February 23, 2016
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By Matthew Soall


Ahhh, Deadpool. The world had its hopes that you would be the best thing since sliced bread. You were, in a way, but you couldn’t really break free of the superhero origin story. Thankfully, Deadpool does manage to be the most faithful adaptation of a comic book character I have ever seen.

Compared to the greats like Iron-Man and Captain America, Deadpool holds up as an adaption and certainly beats out the Dark Knight. So in this respect the film, is a game changer. Unfortunately though, the film left me a bit wanting.

The main problem for me is that the film’s major gags are really spoiled by the trailers. Sadly, I have to say that the best jokes in the film, bar, one or two, are already in the trailer, and it made me feel like I had already watched the movie. A lot was riding on this film and I completely understand why it was marketed the way it was. But it left me feeling like a majority of the film had already been spoiled. Not a great feeling to have in a movie.

The other shackle that this film tried to break free from was the Superhero origin story. Let’s face facts. There are over twenty superhero origin films out in the market. Some characters have even gone through two of them, and that’s left me pretty fatigued. Deadpool at least uses the flashback technique to explained chunks of exposition, a la Man of Steel or TV’s Arrow. But for a seasoned movie goer, this doesn’t solve the issue. It does help the film in the long run, though. Deadpool’s humor would get incredibly stale if it wasn’t punctuated with at least a semblance of normal. The flashback sequences let the audience compose themselves just enough so that when Deadpool is back on screen, you’re ready to laugh again. It’s like having a glass of water, then being hit with lots of flavour. It’s always enjoyable as long as you have the glass of water.

As far as performance goes I will say two things. Ryan Reynolds is good and we knew he would be. Let’s face it, Reynolds is our Earth’s Deadpool. If you saw the trailer and liked it, then you will be happy with the film. As I said earlier, this is the best adaptation of a pre-established character I have ever seen. You can thank Reynolds for that, because he nails Deadpool pre- and post-spandex.

The real standout is Morena Baccarin. She fucking nails her performance. Vanessa is a wise-cracking prostitute with a heart of gold and a great sense of humour. This performance is so good that you lose sight of the actress and become totally enamoured with the character. Baccarin is so good in this film, you feel her every emotion, from love and concern right through to rage. She’s just brilliant.

Deadpool is not a film to take Mum and Dad to. It’s for comic book geeks and adults to enjoy. Over-the-top violence, sex, nudity, humor, forth wall-breaking and comic book antics make up this film. This movie has it all, and a great cast. Sadly, it can’t quite push past the superhero origin, but Deadpool will have you hanging for the sequel which, thankfully, has already been green light!


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  1. robeyoung91 says:

    Nice review – it was an entertaining old film, but I agree about it being rather conventional. Have a read of my review:

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