Comic Book reviews – End February 2016

Modern Meltdown Special #9 – Shaun Keenan On Xtreme Champion Tournament
March 16, 2016
The Modern Meltdown Episode 61 – Spiderman’s Underoos
March 19, 2016

CoverDeathstroke #14

Written By James Bonny, Art by Tyler Kirkman

This comic is quickly becoming the “Slade Wilson visits everyone in the DC Universe.” A couple of issues ago, it was Bell Reve and the Suicide Squad, and now Slade Wilson visits Lex Luthor. Because the best tactician in the DC Comics universe can’t seem to work out that Lex Luthor has better things to do than kidnap his daughter, but I guess the writer decided to ignore the key part of the character. 

If you enjoy watching Slade Wilson destroy the world around him and fight robots, then this is the issue for you. Otherwise, I can’t feel that I can recommend this book to any other audience. There are two redeeming features for this book. The first is much better artwork by Tyler Kirkman. It’s detailed, yet toned down some, which was what this story needed.

The only other interesting idea in this book is that we finally see Slade’s daughter Rose and get a hint at Slade’s adversary. Probably enough to get diehard fans to the next issue.


CoverConstantine #8

Written by Ming Doyle & James Tynion IV, Art by Various

After going through a few standalone stories before this issue, Constantine #8 begins the first chapter of a much larger scale story then what has come before. What really intrigued me about this issue was the team up between Constantine and Papa Midnite. These two have been long-time rivals, so the dialogue in this issue was pretty enjoyable, as Midnite and Constantine verbally spar while they are surrounded by demons and fiends.

As I have said in previous reviews of this series, the art team really reveals in the colourful horror of demons and their world. As Constantine and Midnite move through Club Midnight, the reader will be overwhelmed by the gore and horror, yet admire the beauty and colour of the world. It’s such an odd experience for a reader, and one that no other comic comes close to.


CoverBatman #48

Written by Scott Snyder, Art by Greg Capullo

We are racing to the conclusion of Snyder and Capullo’s last Batman story for the time being, and it’s going to end with a bang. Last issue, the reader was offered a clue as to what happened to the Joker in the aftermath of “End Game”. This issue doesn’t really elaborate on that clue very much. But if the man sitting on the bench with Bruce Wayne was indeed the Joker, then their exchange will be somewhat poetic and may be hinting at the outcome of Bruce Wayne returning to the mantle of the bat.

Bloom continues to wreak havoc and incites the citizens of Gotham to take up his offers of power. Writing like this is the perfect example of well thought-out, well-structured story. Snyder’s ability to properly build story arcs is evident here as the story builds to climax.

What is left to say about Capullo that I haven’t said before? His artwork is always on par with the best. In this issue, he did have to push his talents to the max as some panels required more scenery then in previous issues. Overall, another great issue as we build to the finale.


CoverAll New Wolverine #4

Written by Tom Taylor, Art by David Lopez & David Navarrot

So… I like Doctor Strange and I like Wolverine. But I am finding it increasingly difficult to enjoy this story. The main problem is that I am meant to care about Wolverine’s clones, and I don’t. They have had little back story and the clones’ actions make no sense.

In this issue, the clones and Wolverine go to Doctor Strange’s sanctum. It’s filled to the brim with weird. One of the clones is upset by a closet winking at her, so she shoots it and opens a portal to another dimension, unleashing a monstrous beast on the population.

It’s dumb, made no sense and continued to cement my distaste for these clones. The problem with this story arc is that Wolverine is a glorified baby sitter. I expect more from Tom Taylor. Much more.

If the writer doesn’t know how to build up this new version of Wolverine, then I would suggest that this series needs to be handed off to another writer before people end up resenting this new take on Wolverine.

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