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Join Holly and an assorted cast of authors as they discuss the best way to write, publish and promote the novel within you. Every week we cover a different topic, to help you along your writing journey. Tune in every Thursday for new episodes (Also available on iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart Radio and TuneIn, for your listening convenience)!

Show List

Chapter 1 - Before We Begin

Episode 1: Deciding Why to Write, with Patricia Leslie
Episode 2: Coping with perfectionism
Episode 3: Your writing area
Episode 4: Finding the time to write
Episode 5: Developing characters, with Tracy Joyce
Episode 6: Settings and conflicts, with JE Cammon
Episode 7: Crafting a plot, with Belinda Crawford
Episode 8: Researching your story, with Joseph Hirsch

Chapter 2 – Mechanics

Episode 9: Crafting a beginning, with James Owen
Episode 10: You've set off on your adventure – now what?, with Ivana L. Truglio
Episode 11: The first conflict, with Felicity Banks
Episode 12: Initiating change in your characters, with B. Lynn Goodwin
Episode 13: Character development, with Matt Pike
Episode 14: The Final Battle, with Jeffery E. Doherty
Episode 15: The Return Home, with Lauren McKeller
Episode 16: The HEA/HFN: Can you finish a book without one?, with Brantwijn Serrah
Episode 17: Planning for a sequel, with Kathryn Berryman

Chapter 3 – Techniques

Episode 18: The Dialogue-Description Balance, with Alan Baxter
Episode 19: Clichés, with Duncan Smith
Episode 20: Archetypes, with Maren Robison
Episode 21: Building the Villain You Love to Hate
Episode 22: Dialogue and Dialogue Tags
Episode 23: Excessive Exposition and Infodumping
Episode 24: Finding the End of your Series
Episode A: Transitioning from Fiction to Non-Fiction: Why, with Maren Robison

Chapter 4 - Polishing Your Book

Episode 25: The Rewrite
Episode 26: Finding those pesky mistakes, with Carolyn Denman
Episode 27: Grammar
Episode 28: World Building
Episode B: Spin-offs, with L. L. Hunter
Episode 29: My hero is a sook – help!, with Matthew Soall
Episode 30: Finding a Beta Reader
Episode C: Relating to your editor, with Nikki Andrews

Chapter 5 - Publishing

Episode 31: I've written a book! Now what?, with Carly Marino
Episode 32: Beginning the Search
Episode 33: Query Letter, Cover Letter, Synopsis, Sample
Episode 34: Dealing with Rejection, with Clare Rhoden
Episode 35: Self-publishing – Is It Worth It?, with Jodie Pierce
Episode 36: Covers and Blurbs
TBR 08/04/18

Episode 37: Amazon and other self-publishing tools, with Kevin Tumlinson
TBR 22/04/18

Episode 38: Reviewing Books, with B. Lynn Goodwin
TBR 29/04/18

Episode 39: Coping with bad reviews, with Laurie Forest
TBR 06/05/18

Episode 40: Rewriting to feedback, with Jason Franks
TBR 13/05/18

Chapter 6 – Promotion

Episode 41: You're published! Wait, the journey's not over?, with Mirren Hogan
TBR 20/05/18

Episode 42: Basics of promotion: How & Where, with Angela Page
TBR 27/05/18

Episode 43: Paying for Promotion – Is It Worth It?, with Alan Baxter
TBR 03/06/18

Episode 44: Marketing in the Modern World, with Isobel Blackthorn
TBR 10/06/18

Episode 45: The Art of the Marketing Giveaway, with Russell Nohelty
TBR 24/06/18

Episode 46: Mailing Lists, with Andre Gonzalez
TBR 01/07/18

Episode 47: Physical vs Online, with Kathryn Berryman
TBR 08/07/18

Episode 48: Book Tours and Author Appearances, with L. J. M. Owen
TBR 22/07/18

Episode 49: The Dreaded Convention, with Rachel Le Rossignol
TBR 29/07/18

Episode 50: Adapting Your Work, with Scott Austin
TBR 05/08/18

Episode 51: Dealing with Pirates
TBR 12/08/18

Episode 52: Crowdfunded Publishing, with Jacqui Castle
TBR 19/08/18

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